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Peterson Air Force Base CO 80914-1303

Photo 02 Oct 10 by Erv Smalley
This aircraft was originally put on display with camouflage markings 29 May 1970 at the Air Force Academy and its tail number was 64-0799. Click here for 0799's lineage. Click here for the history of how 0799 was restored by the Utah Air Force Association. The aircraft was towed from the Academy to Peterson AFB on 24 Feb 1987. Between then and 1992, the aircraft was repainted to 123rd FIS Portland OR ANG markings.  In 1999, the aircraft was repainted to the 57th FIS Keflivik Iceland colors with tail number 63-7589 to reflect F-4C history with the Air Defense Command. It was also repainted with 57th FIS markings in Sept 09. While stationed in Southeast Asia, aircraft 63-7589 had a MIG kill on 02 Jan 67 during "Operation Bolo". Click here for 589's lineage and for more active duty photos. For Joe Baugher's history of the F-4 and all its variants, click here.
Active duty photo 08 March 1978 of 63-7589 at 57th FIS Keflavik, Iceland, by Baldur Sveinsson. Photo from page 16 of Baldur Sveinsson's website. (Note red star under front cockpit)
Photo of 63-7589 in SEA