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Photo via Al Rhor, 21st CES/CECB, Peterson AFB CO. Photo by David Harris, July 2002
The above F-102A, S/N 56-1109, is painted in the colors used when it was assigned in the Arctic with the Air Defense Command at the 57th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Keflavik Air Base, Iceland. For archive photos at the Peterson Museum, click here. Click here for its lineage. Click here for aircraft historian Joe Baugher's F-102A  history on all the F-102 variations.
Additional Information & Links
For an excellent website and history of the F-102 and other aircraft with the 57th FIS at Keflavik AB in Iceland by Baldur Sveinsson, click here. (Includes a photo of 56-1109 in Iceland).
Click here for a February 1972 photo of 56-1109 in the boneyard.
Active Duty
Perrin AFB TX
Active Duty
Perrin AFB TX